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Exhibition Case Back
See-through & Screw case back

Exclusive to the Grand Seiko Boutiques online, a Hi-Beat 36000 timepiece

inspired by Mt. Iwate in winter

The Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi is overlooked by Mt. Iwate which dominates the area’s skyline. On clear winter evenings, Mt. Iwate is at its most dramatic, its snow-covered slopes lit by the stars. The dial of this Hi-Beat 36000 is inspired by the deep blue of the night sky over this majestic 2,038 meter peak.

The overall design is the Evolution 9 Style. Its powerful hands and grooved, prominent markers ensure perfect legibility, its Zaratsu polished, distortion-free mirror finish and delicate hairline finish alternate to give the case a quiet and harmonious glow. The case has wide lugs and a low center of gravity that ensures that the watch sits easily and securely on the wrist.

Caliber 9SA5 offers a power reserve of 80 hours thanks to its twin barrels and an enhanced energy efficiency that is delivered by the unique dual-pulse escapement.
This exquisite watch is available exclusively at the Grand Seiko Boutiques online.

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