Grand Seiko Heritage Collection
Limited Edition

Grand Seiko
Heritage Collection
Limited Edition


A green dial that reflects the deep greenery of the beautiful forests in Japan

Everything about this watch expresses the beauty of nature as seen from the Japanese perspective and nowhere more than on the dial.

Its color reflects not only the youthful green in Japan but also the way that their color is reflected in the wooden floors of traditional Japanese architecture.

The heart of the watch is the mechanical movement which can be seen through the exhibition case back.

It ticks softly, with every one of its 36,000 beats per hour marking another tiny step of the transition from one season to the next.


Reflection of the youthful green, evokes the deep forest colored in green.

SBGJ241 inspired by the beautiful forests which are reflecting on the floor.

The vertical dial patterns are in the image of traditional Japanese wooden floors that reflect the foliage of green leaves.

For the first several years after its birth in 1960, each Grand Seiko watch was designed with precision as its primary aim and each one looked different to the rest. In 1967, everything changed.

A young designer was tasked to create a watch that would set a style for the future of Grand Seiko and that would establish its unique design language. The result was the 44GS, a watch that embodied the nine design elements defined inthe Grand Seiko Style.

Today, this modern re-interpretation of the original 44GS expresses anew the essence of Grand Seiko.

Faithful to the original 44GS but with Grand Seiko’s

latest artistry

All of the nine design elements embodied in the first 44GS are meticulously recreated but with a subtle change. A new curved ridgeline on the case side was added so that it could accommodate the depth of the automatic movement.

Nevertheless, the fidelity of the recreation is its most striking characteristic as is evidenced by the double width index at 12 o’clock which enhances the legibilityof the time by accentuating the vertical axis from twelve to six. Similarly,the multi-faceted indexes and hands glisten with elegance just like theoriginal thanks to their diamond-cut edges.

The flat surfaces on the bezel and case are polished by hand to a full, distortion-free finish using the Zaratsu technique for which Grand Seiko is celebrated.



This high-specification movement delivers the same accuracy (+5 to -3 seconds a day) and the same power reserve (55 hours) as the core Caliber 9S85, while also offering the GMT function that the international traveler needs to ensure that the accuracy of the time shown is not compromised when the time zone is changed. The GMT hand shows the time in the home time zone.

Pulling the crown out by one notch enables the hour hand to be adjusted without stopping the second hand so that the highly accurate timekeeping delivered by the Hi-Beat 36000 is not lost. Caliber 9S86 is the embodiment of the Grand Seiko ideal of high accuracy, maintaining exceptional precision in both the essential time display and the GMT function.

Mechanical Hi-Beat 36000 GMT
Grand Seiko Heritage Collection Limited Edition


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