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Exhibition Case Back
・Case back with lion emblem LIMITED EDITION on the case back ・Screw case back ・Serial number engraved on the case back

A brilliant celebration

Every August, the sky above Lake Suwa is lit up by the 40,000 fireworks that are the centerpiece of a summer celebration in the Shinshu region which is home to the facility where this Grand Seiko watch was designed and made. Just as the lake’s surface sparkles with the reflections of the fireworks, so this watch glitters brightly, thanks to its 18k gold coin-edge bezel and the twelve diamonds that adorn the dial.
The case is 34mm in diameter, a mid-range size that is a first for Grand Seiko and that gives the watch a quiet authority and a universal appeal.
The watch is offered as a limited edition in celebration of the company’s 140th anniversary.

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